Umno urged to rebrand for future relevance and regain public belief

Delegates on the Umno General Assembly 2023 have known as for the party to rebrand itself and give consideration to future goals, rather than dwelling on previous achievements. Bukit Gantang division head Mohammad Sollehin Mohamad Tajie emphasised the necessity for Umno to remain related and avoid becoming outdated throughout a debate session at the assembly.
Fairul Nizam Roslan, head of the Alor Gajah division, stressed that the party’s power relies on unity and camaraderie amongst its members, urging them to prioritise the party’s interests for a greater future. Value of avoiding inside conflicts and dealing together for the common good.
Datu Rosman Datu Ahir Zaman @ Abdul Halim, the party’s Sabah communications and strategic director, referred to as for instant action to deal with negative perceptions surrounding Umno’s administrative construction. He emphasised the want to restore public trust within the party’s leadership, which might in flip give Umno the arrogance to control the nation more effectively..

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