Young homeless man in Bangkok reunited with household after TikTok video goes viral

A younger homeless man in Bangkok was reunited together with his family after a motorcycle taxi driver shared a video of the person on social media. The driver said the homeless man in the capital’s Asoke area was “handsome, similar to a Chinese leading actor.” The video went viral on Thai social media, reaching the man’s household. His father travelled to Bangkok to pick up his son.
The bike taxi driver, Chaiyoot Kasron, typically records videos of homeless folks within the city and posts them on TikTok so households in search of them can find them. He’s posted several movies of the young homeless man over the past month. He mentioned the person was pleasant and appeared good despite the actual fact that his hair and clothes were messy. He added that the person appeared to have a psychological dysfunction, however could communicate properly sometimes.
He stated that the videos of this man have been the most popular in comparability with other homeless movies with tens of thousands of views. ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ที่อยุ่อาศัย of the homeless man contacted the bike taxi and travelled from southern province Prachuap Kiri Khan to bring him residence. The rider additionally posted videos of father and son hugging one another at the first met.
Thai media shared that the homeless man was admitted to the psychiatric hospital Srithanya Hospital. The doctor requested him to remain for remedy for no less than two weeks.

SOURCE: Sanook | The Standards

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