Security guard unconscious in hospital after being assaulted by baseball bat wielding thug

A security guard from a village in the Klong Sam Wa district of Bangkok suffered crucial injuries and is unconscious in hospital after a baseball bat-wielding thug beat him up without reason. The attacker’s father blamed the violent assault on his son’s melancholy.
The video capturing the thug brutally beating the helpless security guard with a baseball bat was circulated on social media. The video reveals a person in a white t-shirt approaching the security guard’s workplace and repeatedly hitting a guard over 20 times.
The victim was identified as Maitree Kamsingnok, a 27 12 months previous safety guard in the village. Maitree sustained a serious head damage and is hospitalised with a depressed skull fracture and a damaged arm. He remains unconscious.
Maitree’s colleague, Watin, witnessed the attack which happened yesterday at 8am. The attacker claimed that Maitree had insulted him and regardless of Watin’s appeals to stop, he continued to assault Maitree.
Watin was left shocked and fearful and felt helpless as he tried to stop the attacker however to no avail. Maitree is named a great person with no prior conflicts with anybody in the village, according to Watin. The cause for the assault stays unknown, as Maitree had not shared any issues with Watin.
Following Unauthorized ’s circulation on social media, the attacker’s father and sister introduced him to Kannayao Police Station yesterday. They explained that their son had been dealing with despair because of his inability to secure a job after obtaining his bachelor’s degree a quantity of years in the past.
While they have not but discussed the precise motive behind the incident with their son, the household has taken responsibility for the assault and has expressed their willingness to visit Maitree within the hospital.
The deputy police inspector of the Kannayao Police Station, Parinya Jirandon, reported that the officers wanted to question Maitree and gather more evidence on the case before submitting costs against the attacker.
The attacker is expected to be charged with violating Section 295 of the Criminal Law: whoever causes injury to a different person’s body or thoughts shall be punished with imprisonment for as much as two years, a fine of as much as 40,000 baht, or each.
The police famous that they did not detect any indicators of the suspect’s depressive disorder and that the household did not submit any paperwork to substantiate their declare..

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