Prime minister fast-tracks assist for firework warehouse blast victims

Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, along with Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda, toured the positioning of a devastating fireworks warehouse explosion in Narathiwat yesterday. The visit aimed to expedite the rehabilitation process for victims and address housing points attributable to the unlucky incident.
Massive -o-cha journeyed to Muno, a village in Sungai Kolok district, to evaluate first-hand the circumstances of these affected by the blast and subsequent fires. The Prime Minister assured the victims that financial assist from the government, supplemented by non-public contributions, can be forthcoming.
The Office of the Prime Minister is within the strategy of evaluating whether or not further funds must be allotted to support the recovery effort.
In a push to revive some semblance of normalcy for the victims, Prayut instructed local authorities to expedite the processes with the utmost urgency, to resolve the housing issues that have emerged within the wake of the explosion.
During his go to, the Prime Minister conveyed his sympathy to those grieving the loss of loved ones and reiterated his commitment to offering essential assistance to all these affected.
Anupong defined to the press that plans have been underway for significant land reforms in Muno. These reforms embody restructuring the densely populated and recently inundated community and rehabilitating areas directly affected by the blast.
Upon enquiry into the adequacy of the allotted budget for supporting the survivors of this unfortunate blast, Anupong unfalteringly confirmed that the federal government would exhaust all avenues to garner extra monetary aid for the victims.
“It is against the legislation to provide an amount of money which is past the office’s jurisdiction to handle. The government is making an attempt its best (to compensate the survivors), especially the families of deceased victims,” acknowledged Anupong.
Questions later arose regarding the owners of the firework warehouse, who are presently believed to be in Malaysia. The owners, Sompong Nakul, forty two years outdated, and his partner, Piyanuch Peungwirawat, have reportedly evaded inquiries into their potential political connections. In response, Anupong assured the public that investigations are ongoing, and ‘everyone will face the authorized penalties of their actions, no matter their status.’

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