Wai the need for violence?

PHITSANULOK: Religious establishments are meant to be locations of peace and goodwill, however a temple in Phitsanulok recently proved to be anything however when a monk who thought a nun had disrespected him responded by beating her.
At Marked down am August 21, Maechi Phronchon Chomphukpan, 53, a nun at Wat Ban Khek in Nakhon Thai District, walked into the native district police station along with her face swollen and covered in bruises. There she recounted to Duty Officer Lt Thanaphon Mekbut a bizarre story of intra-wat aggression.
Maechi Phronchon, who had lived on the temple for many years, said that the previous afternoon she had been walking to the bathroom behind the temple when she passed by a resident monk, recognized solely as “Phra Nom”, who was sleeping in a hammock. Suddenly the cleric shouted at her, demanding to know why she had not graced him with a wai.
“Nuns should wai monks each time they pass them,” he exclaimed allegedly in a drunken manner.
Maechi Phronchon apologized, saying that she had not seen him. This was not ok for Phra Nom, nonetheless. He launched into a tirade of insults so extreme that Maechi Phronchon could only stand cowed, she mentioned.
After his insults had run dry, Phra Nom demanded that Maechi Phronchon go and fetch her bankbook so he may “check that she had not been embezzling temple funds”. Maechi Phronchon refused on the grounds that Phra Nom was only a rank-and-file monk, with no authority to examine her financial information..

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