Video of ft on bread appears to be from India, not Thailand

A video and information story that despatched an uproar through the Thai group of employees at a bread manufacturing facility putting their toes on the bread before packaging has been revealed to haven’t taken place in Thailand. The Immigration Bureau had ordered a far-reaching verify on breadmaking factories across Thailand and significantly in Bangkok to attempt to uncover the supply of the story.
As it seems, the unique video uploaded to YouTube on September 18 was to a channel called Nation Next, whose logo is clearly displayed firstly and as a watermark all through the video. The YouTube channel is an outlet for the Indian media firm that caters to youthful Indians on-line based on their description in the video.
“Nation Next is a News Hub for New India. … Nation Next is geared toward disseminating info and analyses on the happenings and issues that concern younger India via Nation Next’s varied digital platforms.”

โซล่าเซลล์คุณภาพดี could have set off a knee-jerk response in Thai individuals as a outcome of feet are thought-about unclean and offensive, inflicting Immigration to leg it to search for the culprits, or no less than toe the line and examine to reassure the public that the actions of these heels didn’t take place in Thailand.
While early stories stated that the incident was stated to have taken place with immigrant employees in a manufacturing unit rumoured to be in the Lat Phrao district of Bangkok, the full video with the Indian news organisation’s logo suggests the offence actually happened in India.
Angry commenters within the Thai community reacted with rage to the video displaying employees in a bread factory putting their feet on the bread and even licking the bread products before placing them in their packaging. Many called for an investigation to determine the culprits, in addition to a check on their legal work statuses and perhaps even deporting them for the incident regardless.
The original video can be seen here..

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