Unruly youths unleash graffiti mayhem and tree-molition in Pattaya (video)

In a shocking present of disregard for public property, a gang of unruly youths went on the rampage daubing graffiti on public park buildings and destroying a quantity of trees in Chak Nok Public Park in Pattaya.
The park, underneath the purview of Nong Prue Municipality, is ordinarily a tranquil haven for locals to unwind and interact in health actions amongst its varied plant species and large ornamental rocks.
Recently though, the park, positioned in Soi Thung Klom-Tan Man, witnessed a dramatic transitional shift. From being a space dedicated to calm recreation and leisure for residents, it has turn out to be a hub for late-night shenanigans and disruptive behaviour from a segment of Pattaya’s youth.
Under the cover of darkness, a sizeable collective of adolescents, believed to be aged between 14 and 19, converged at the park and engendered what could solely be described as public commotion.
Disgruntled residents residing within the neighborhood of the park recounted their experiences to The Pattaya News, voicing their concern over the relentless noise air pollution led to by the frenzied revving of the troublemakers’ bike engines and not utilizing a thought for the discomfort brought on to these in the vicinity.
One of the disenchanted locals shared his frustration.
“It was like they didn’t have any care in the world. Restricted from the revving engines was insufferable, it disturbed the tranquillity of our nighttime routine.”

These acts of wanton defacement and destruction are a blatant violation of public belief and signify a worrying tendency in path of anarchistic behaviour amongst a portion of Pattaya’s younger populace. This incident showcases the stark distinction between the meant use of this public area and the degenerative method in which it is at present being exploited.
Only last week Bang Lamung Police caught another suspect from the episode of teenage violence that shook Pattaya. In the most recent improvement, officers successfully apprehended an 18 12 months outdated man for his alleged involvement in an explosive assault on his rivals near the railway monitor road. The incident, which occurred at 4am on July 19, left two teens injured..

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