Sneaky slither: Customs officers uncover lady smuggling 5 snakes in her underwear

The vigilance deployed by customs officers was tested recently when they turned suspicious of a lady who seemed agitated. Shock ensued once they found that she had five snakes concealed within her underwear, having smuggled all of them the means in which from America.
Late last month, customs officers at a port in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, China, grew to become suspicious of the woman’s manner. They requested to look her, and their suspicions were quickly validated. The girl had managed to nestle 5 diminutive snakes within the confines of her underwear.
Report came to light when the Chinese Customs Department posted concerning the seizure on their official WeChat account on July eight. According to information from the South China Morning Post, the species of snake being smuggled have been corn snakes. The younger woman had individually wrapped each in socks and hidden them in her bra.
Statistics from the China Pet Industry White Paper 2021 indicated that 5.8% of tens of millions of residents collected reptiles in China. Originating from the southeastern United States, corn snakes are becoming more and more popular amongst reptile collectors in China, reported Sanook.
However, the regulation in China stipulates that any animal imported from a international country have to be declared to authorities and bear a complete quarantine process to forestall the potential hurt they could trigger to the ecosystem or the transmission of surprising illnesses.
Following the discharge of this news, netizens in China expressed shock at the woman’s unusual method of animal smuggling. One said…
“I wouldn’t even dare to touch it, let alone hide it in my underwear!”
The knack of the customs officials did not go unnoticed either.
“Impressive that customs can spot somebody behaving oddly in a crowd.”
Last yr, an Indian man was arrested at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on Tuesday for trying to smuggle 17 prohibited animals from Thailand to India..

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