Malaysian man kills his pregnant girlfriend, cuts out four month old fetus, mutilated physique

In a horrifying incident, a 20 12 months previous Malaysian man has been arrested for allegedly murdering his pregnant girlfriend, burning her physique twice, and forcibly eradicating her unborn baby in an oil palm plantation in Sungai Besar, Selangor on Monday.
Reports indicate that observers spotted thick black smoke billowing out of a palm garden, triggering an investigation that exposed the surprising picture of the woman’s burnt and disfigured corpse. After a seven-hour investigation, the Malaysian authorities managed to apprehend the suspect and reveal the chilling particulars of the ugly case.
Quick identified the suspect as a 20 year previous man who had lately graduated from college, whereas the deceased was a 21 12 months previous waitress at a restaurant. The pair have been concerned in a relationship.
The investigation disclosed that on the night time of the incident, the suspect drove the girl to the crime scene after discovering her four-month pregnancy, intending to hide the information. When she refused to cooperate, an argument ensued, and he brutally killed her.
Shockingly, after assaulting and killing the woman, the aggressor used a knife to viciously pierce her abdomen in an try to extract their four-month-old unborn youngster. He then cold-bloodedly set her remains ablaze.
Despite finishing up the heinous act, the worried perpetrator returned to the crime scene the following morning on a bicycle to set the physique on fireplace once more, intent on destroying evidence.
The police stated that flames engulfed 60% of the woman’s body, particularly her head. The neighborhood is reeling from the horrifying demise as they despatched her mutilated body for post-mortem to find out the exact reason for demise..

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