Groom assaults bride at marriage ceremony over alleged texts with ex

An extraordinary incident at a wedding in the Guandong province of China left attendees astounded because the groom assaulted his bride over the invention of texts from her ex-boyfriend. This unexpected scandal occurred yesterday, fracturing an occasion that was meant to be a joyous celebration.
The shock assault during the wedding occurred after the groom, whereas waiting for his bride to finish her makeup, happened to see a message appear on her telephone. Initially, he dismissed it as congratulations on their marriage-to-be, however he was irritated when he realised the textual content was sent by the bride’s former boyfriend. Further investigation of earlier messages between the pair shocked the groom.
Shock turned into outrage when the groom found previous messages the man had sent to his bride have been of a lodge room quantity the place they had supposedly deliberate to satisfy the night time earlier than the marriage. On the verge of exploding, he flung the telephone at his wife’s face and demanded the truth, reported Sanook.
Realising how unhealthy it seemed, the bride hurriedly explained to the groom.
“He’s my ex-boyfriend. I told you about him. He came again from work yesterday and knew I was getting married. Bootleg met up there (at the hotel), but we solely had a meal and talked earlier than going house.”
She even called upon a good friend who had accompanied her that day to act as a witness to the occasion.
However, reluctance on the groom’s part to accept his bride’s rationalization remained, given the absence of any concrete proof that they’d not shared the resort room in query. A vocal argument ensued between the pair, prompting the groom to lose his temper. He grabbed her hair and slapped her in full public view, main her to break down in tears..

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