Criteria for blood donation won’t loosen up to allow LGBTQ donations

Despite calls from equality activists, the National Blood Centre stated that they will not chill out blood donation criteria to permit donations from the LGBTQ community, significantly gay men. The statement made yesterday mentioned that the centre was not able to relax standards for high-risk teams though they empathise with the LGBTQ community’s desire to assist.
โซล่าเซลล์คุณภาพดี ought to be noted that the factors solely forbids gay males from donating, whereas lesbians and transgender ladies with no history have intercourse with a male partner can still apply to be donors.
Because of excessive situations of HIV in donations, the centre is standing agency in opposition to any change to the blood donor criteria. The statement mentioned that specialists and experts in transfusion medicine met in an advisory group and confirmed Thailand was not ready to broaden its standards.
The centre points to data that reveals that the HIV rate in gay males in Bangkok is over 30%, whereas HIV rates in first-time blood donors in Thailand are already considerably higher than in different components of the world. In regular donations, 40 cases of HIV are found per 100,000, while first-time donors are as high as one hundred thirty per 100,000.
The first-time donor statistic is 14 times higher than the US, 22 instances greater than Western Europe, and 10 times greater than other Asian nations such as Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, South Korea, and Taiwan. The common donor statistic is 27 occasions higher than the US, seventy two times greater than Western Europe, and 80 times greater than the Asian international locations.
The chairman of the HIV Foundation Asia and the Bangkok Rainbow Organization had pushed her extra inclusivity for marginalized teams, particularly for donations whereas blood provides are experiencing shortages. But the Thai Red Cross Society which operates the National Blood Center stated that, while they respect the human rights of every individual with out discrimination, they would not raise the ban on LGBTQ people donating blood.
Official assure that the choice is not one based mostly on discrimination towards the LGBTQ neighborhood, and call on improved sex training the decrease the HIV infection price beneath 1 in one hundred,000 donors earlier than they’ll safely loosen up the standards..

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