American woman convicted of mother’s homicide deported from Indonesia to USA to face charges

An American woman who was convicted of murdering her mom in Indonesia, has been deported to the US to face expenses in her residence nation. Heather Mack, from Chicago, Illionois, was convicted again in 2015, for killing her mom in Bali. Her boyfriend, Tommy Schaefer, was also charged. Police say the couple stuffed her mom, Sheila von Wiese Mack’s useless physique into a suitcase after killing her.
Mack was serving a 10-year sentence in Indonesia for the murder of her mom, but was permitted to be deported after the woman was launched from jail after a 34-month remission for good behaviour. But, Mack is now being indicted on homicide conspiracy costs in Chicago and was taken into federal custody upon arriving via an American Airlines flight.
Her arrest and expenses were controversial as many disagreed on the laws surrounding ‘double jeaopardy,’ which is an American regulation that bans somebody from being prosecuted for the same act twice. But because the criminal act involved 2 international locations, each with their own legal guidelines and personal jurisdictions, the waters become a bit murky as to what charges she shall be able to legally face upon being deported again to her native country.
ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์ที่อยุ่อาศัย , a University of Michigan law professor and former prosecuting legal professional, says it is a federal crime to kill a US citizen overseas.
“The US authorities is a different sovereignty than the federal government of Indonesia.”

But Mack’s legal professional says that US prosecutors just need to “pound her into the cement” by bringing on a new case against her. McQuade, however, says a US judge might give her credit score for time served if she is convicted.
“Maybe a judge may be very sympathetic. A judge may not give her any extra time, saying 7 years was enough for the American woman. 7 years additionally strikes me as fairly lenient for a rigorously plotted homicide of a U.S. citizen.”

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